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OEM Company for B2B

Project Group is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) company dynamic in the development and production of stainless steel fittings, recognized worldwide for their high quality. We operate in B2B using noble and advanced materials such as stainless steel and brass, to create faucet collections in collaboration with our partners, in standard, customized and private label mode.



Project Group collaborates with the best bathroom furniture brands, supporting them from the development of the concept, to the engineering of the products, up to the production of their best sellers, designed by the best international designers.


13 years of constant growth in the world of bathroom furnishings. Project Group was born in 2010 from a collaboration that meets design and high mechanical technology in the stainless steel sector. In few years the company develops a parallel growth to the bathroom furniture market, responding to the new needs that this segment requires thanks to new services, the opening of latest generation production lines, expanding the offer and improving the logistic positioning. The market response translates into growth and in 2020 was implemented the production site.


Project Group, Headquarters and production center – 1,500 m² Riese Pio X° (TV) – ITALY, in the center of high precision mechanical manufacturing district, in Veneto. Internally it develops an automated department dedicated to high precision machining, used as a turning (CNC), an internal finishing department for greater control over the finished product and an area dedicated to assembly and storage.


Seriousness and precision have always been the hall marks that distinguish the company. The products are the result of rigorous testing and quality control, bornt with the aim of resisting over time, thanks to the choice of materials and processes used.

Annual production capacity

To better manage the expected growth in the coming years in the European and international market, Project Group has invested huge resources in automation, CNC and logistics.70,000 taps a year, 15,000 shower heads a year, 14,000 accessories a year.

Service & Certifications

SERVICE – Project Group is a 360° partner, from product development, the selection of materials and finishes, the management of certifications, up to the choice of the best logistic opportunity

CERTIFICATIONS – All materials and products are constantly subjected to the checks of the most important certifying institutions, to guarantee the best quality all over the world