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Who we are

Made in Italy – Manifattura Italiana

OEM Factory

“Source of inspiration the passion for design with clean shapes”

We anticipate and develop market trends in collaboration with most innovative brands

in the furniture industry and bathroom.



Quality & Craftsmanship

Quality, craftsmanship and accurate attention to details, are the founding values of Project Group.
Most of the processes including brushing, polishing, and assembly, are still performed manually by staff experienced and qualified. The company expresses itself in every aspect the will to differentiate itself from large standardized productions. Projet Group combines the use of cutting-edge technologies with an artisanal and manufacturing approach, in which each single product receives the care of a unique piece.

The company develops and designs products with an inhouse team of professionals in compliance with current national regulations and international. Attention to environmental issues equips the products of water-saving devices using materials 100% recyclable. In the product creation and development processes, the ecological impact is taken into great consideration as well the creative, economic and functional aspects. This is the step that marks the course in the selection of materials, the production process, options for assembly, logistics and transport, reconditioning and return to the cycle of raw materials.