Una realtà all'avanguardia


The natural finishes
[SA] linear brushed, [SA/C] circular brushed, [SA/S] soft brushed, [SA/V] vintage brushed, [LU] polished, stand out for their elegance, it allows you to obtain important aesthetic valuable details, ideal for contemporary and modern environments. These finishes make the product more durable and subject to easy maintenance.They are final treatments, both finishing processes are performed internally for greater quality control. Made by mechanical processing with the use of specific rotating abrasive brushes and vegetable fibers that allow to obtain an extra-fine brushing, elegant and functional.

This makes the surfaces smooth and easy to clean. Based on the direction of the brushing it is possible to obtain different stainless steel textures, all perfectly combinable together. The polished finish is realized through abrasive papers and special vegetable fibers, with the addition of a specific polishing paste for a glossy finish of the surface. These are processes carried out internally by expert hands thanks to a skilled and passionate team. The perceived quality of the processed product increases thanks to the satin finishing and polishing, making the product of high value with an aesthetic effect particularly refined.The natural finishes comply with the tests required by the UNI EN 248 standard.

The special PVD finishes
[GM] brushed gun metal, [GO] brushed british gold, [RA] brushed copper bronze, [WB] brushed warm bronze, they are obtained with Physical Vapor Deposition treatment, literally “physical vapor deposition”. Thin film deposition on metal objects in a vacuum phase which keeps the surface of the same unchanged over time. Also used in the aerospace and biomedical fields, it allows to obtain different shades of colors with characteristics of non-toxicity and biocompatibility. It is an innovative coating process that allows you to obtain a very high level of surface hardness.The special PVD finishes comply with the tests required by the UNI EN 248 standard.